Games to Play in a Bounce House

When you throw a bounce house party, you may want more than just jumping on the bounce house you rent. You think to yourself, and wonder what games kids can also play inside a bouncy castle.

Here are some fun bounce house game ideas you can copy.

Freeze Music Dance Game

When the music starts, everybody jumps and dances; When the music stops, everybody freezes and tries to keep balance. Whoever falls down on the bouncy floor, loses, and the last one standing wins the game.

Backward Race

In the beginning, all participators stand at the same side of bounce house and face the wall. On your mark, get set, and go! Everyone runs backward to another side of the inflatable bouncer, and when they hit the wall, they must turn around and run backward again to their original spot.

Crab Walk Race

It is a fun game and also an perfect exercise for kids. Get down on the floor and walk with all limbs. First you need to walk toward the other side , then when your foot touch the wall, you can walk back but keep the same position.

Balloon Tag

You probably have played balloon tag game before, but this time, we are playing balloon tag on a bounce house. The challenge of this game is now you are fleeing and stomping on a bouncy surface.

To avoid any feet being stamped, it’s better to tie balloons laterally to your feet.

Keep the Balloon Up

The rule is kid needs to stay jumping while keeping the balloon up in the air and not falling down on the bouncy floor. Two players competing with each other, since the room of bounce house is small.

Balloon Volleyball

Let’s enjoy balloon volleyball game in a bounce house. So you can play one on one, or team vs team. No need of volleyball net, just separate the bounce house into two parts. Hit the balloon to your opponent’s territory, if they can’t catch or knock the balloon back to your court, you score.

Some rules:

  • Balloon hitting the wall is ok.
  • Balloon gets popped is a loss.
  • Kicking Balloon is not allowed.

Mirror Mirror Jumping Game

First, choose a kid as the leader. The leader jumps, whatever the kid’s jumping pose is, all the other kids must follow the same jumping gesture as quickly as possible.

Human Board Game

This human board game only requires a giant dice. It can be played by maximum 4 players. Each one stands at the corner of the bounce house, then a host rolls the dice. Every kid gets to jump forward around the edge of the bounce house in clockwise, how many jumps is determined by the number of dice just rolled. Whoever first finishes a circle, wins the game.

Jumping Human Tic Tac Toe

Ok, this interactive game needs 2 teams and 6 players, and you need to establish a tic tac toe board with something harmless to bounce house, like towels.

So how to play jumping human tic tac toe? Each time, a team sends out a member to take a position and keep jumping. If all 3 members of a team are out, then any one of the team can move freely to any empty spot. If any team gets all its members into a row, they can claim victory.

Role Playing Games

Never leave this game out. Role playing games are so meant to be with bounce houses, because those inflatable toys often come with different themes. It can be princess castle, dragon, alien, fairy tale, pirate ship, and so many more. You kids will truly enjoy a good afternoon dressing like a pirate and pretending sailing in his inflatable pirate ship.

Basketball Shooting

Most inflatable bounce houses have a built in basketball hoop. But we don’t have to shoot basketballs in old fashion way. Let’s spice up things.

For example, one must jump ten times before shooting. Or shoot laying down on the bouncing floor while other challengers hopping around.

Do you have any good bounce house party game ideas? Share with us.

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