Celebrating World UFO Day with Kids

Kids are more curious about UFOs than adults, believe you me. If you are a parent whose kids are biggest UFO fans, great, then you can celebrate world UFO day together together with your kids.

World UFO Day

What is world UFO day anyway? It is an awareness day for peoples dig into unidentified flying objects. It is an event that tells people to keep looking for extraterrestrial lives in the sky.

Why Celebrate World UFO Day

One might have known the fact that our universe is colossal enough for more intellectual beings. Sadly, we are by far the only known intelligent creatures to ourselves. When the first contact really happens, our world will be utterly different than before, in a good way. Obviously it is important to encourage people, especially teens and children, to keep searching the unknown.

How to Celebrate World UFO Day with Your Kids

  • UFO hunting
  • Throw an UFO theme party
  • Watch alien movies
  • Visit a science museum
  • Learn UFO report together

UFO Hunting

Pack up, bring your binocular and camping tent, let’s go UFO hunting. If you plan to do hiking with your kids, please be prepared and cautious of possible dangers.

You may go to reported UFO sightings or somewhere deserted. If aliens are like humans, you probably will have a higher chance finding them in remote areas. Nevertheless, UFO hiking is a very bonding activity for parents and children.

UFO Theme Party

The best way to celebrate world UFO day for kids is to throwing a UFO theme party for them. You are gonna rent an UFO theme bounce house, order an alien cake and play some out of this world games with kids. In addition, set a costume code, such as green Martians, mad scientists, etc.

Alien Movies

Sit down, watch some classic alien movies while enjoy popcorns, that sounds great too. I have some top notch recommendations for you, such as Man in Black, Star Trek, E.T., Starship Troopers, etc.

Science Museum

Paying a visit to a science museum with kids really have a powerful impact on young kids. Close inspection to scientific concepts and apparatuses for kids gives rise to their right way of imagination and curiosity. Hence they will not be easily falling into any fallacies. If you wanna upgrade this kind of experience, science summer camp will be more adequate.

UFO Reports

You may not believe this, but the pentagon just released a UFO report. Clearly, it is a great opportunity for you and your kids together read the report. What lies ahead of you? Have we already find aliens on earth?

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