Bounce House And Lead

Lead can cause serious health problems to human beings, especially kids. We have used lead since eons, it is said that the quietus of ancient Roman civilization is due to the mass utilization of lead into daily life environment.

Lead are Everywhere

In the early stage of modern era, the concentration of lead in air, human body and manufacturing products, including children’ toys, had been elevated to a dangerous level by greedy capitalists and oil industries. But one brave and virtuous scientist stood up and told the truth, his name is Clair Cameron Patterson. Thanks to him, we now have guildences and rules on limits of lead in soil, water and all artificial products.

Lead in Bounce House

Bounce house may contain lead in several parts, such as the vinyl (material used to make bounce houses) and the paint. Take vinyl as example, aka PVC, in order to make it more durable, long-lasting and flexible (in this bounce house case), additives are required. Those additives, like stabilizers and plasticizers, are often heavy metal base, such as lead and cadmium.

If kids play and breath in bounce houses that contain significant level of lead, the lead will eventually get into their bodies and accumulate. That is not what parents want. So it is paramount for parents to rent a lead-free bounce house or inflatable slide for their kid’s birthday party.

According to cpsc, the limitation of lead in children’s products is no more than 90 ppm (parts per million).

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