Bounce House Business Types

If you determine to embark a journey into bounce house business, that’s great. Because it is not only fun to deal with inflatable bounce houses, but also because it is a profitable to make a good living. But wait for a moment, what kind of bounce house businesses you prefer?

Generally speaking, when we say bounce house business, we mean moonwalk party rental company. However, there are several other types of bounce house businesses you can do, let’s just go through them one by one.

Bounce House Rental

This is the most common bounce house business.

Bounce house rental companies are normally owned and operated by families. Business owners decide what kind of inflatables (such as bouncer, combo, water slide) they wanna possess, and buy them from inflatable manufacturers located in United States or China.

Though the major target audiences are kids with coming birthday parties, schools, churches, carnivals and many other events and occasions are also in the map.Since it is called party rental, so it should come as no surprise about the fact that some of them also rent other accessories, such as chairs, tents, snow cone machines and many more.

The profits mainly come from the rental fees. On the other hand, the expenditure of bounce house party rentals is constituted of many facets, such as salary of driver, gas, repair cost, insurance, etc. Also, remember it is a vulnerable business subjected to seasons, weather conditions, pandemics and more.

Outdoor Touring Inflatable Theme Park

A touring inflatable theme park is an outdoor travelling amusement park, whose almost all the amusement attractions are inflatable toys, especially giant inflatable structures.

Touring inflatable event company has 2 options in terms of providing the inflatable equipment to customers. One is a giant integrated inflatable playground, the other is multiple inflatable rides and games.

As to the all-in-one inflatable theme park, it can be a large rectangle bouncy inflatable playing field or a longest inflatable obstacle course. Inflatable park often contains slides, obstacles, wipeouts, climbing walls, ball pits, water pools, toddler zones, mechanical rides, bungee trampolines, DJ booth and more. Suitable for both adults and kids.

The incomes of an inflatable theme park are from ticket admissions by and large. And it is a common operation to also provide food and other types of games and services to attract more revenues. Some big events may contract out some entertainments to local business owners and charge them some percentage of their gross sales.

Due to its outdoor nature and dealing with giant and multiple inflatables, inflatable theme park business also shares some same problems with the bounce house party rental business, such as the weather, time, city park venue reservation, etc. So this makes sense as why most of inflatable park companies are travelling from place to place, city to city.

Indoor Inflatable Theme Park

In contrary to outdoor inflatable park, indoor inflatable theme park stays put. Indoor park owners only need to own or rent a large place to operate their businesses, they don’t have to move around and be too much concerned about outdoor weather.

Indoor inflatable bounce house place uses the same inflatable equipment just as outdoors, either a large indoor inflatable playground or multiple inflatable moonwalks and slides. However, indoor parks allow private reservations for events such like birthday parties or family reunions, whereas outdoor parks are for public.

The incomings of indoor inflatable theme park is composed of entry fees, extra attraction pass, food and drinks sales, special event packages, etc. The predominant outgoings are the rents, employee salaries, electricity bills, etc. Although a little rain or snow won’t affect the inside inflatables, but indoor inflatable park business also can’t steer clear of dropping of revenues due to winter season.

Inflatable Water Park

Another form of outdoor inflatable park, but this one is on water. Commercial inflatable water park provides fun water experience and entertainment on lakes for both adults and kids.

I guess you may figure out inflatable aqua park business is predisposed to conditions like season and weather, and you are right. The peak traffic appears in summertime, and don’t expect any incomes from winter.

Inflatable 5k Event Company

It is one of the inflatable touring event businesses, however they may only locate the events in a certain region.

Generally inflatable 5k race company holds an inflatable 5k fun run event, and asks attendants for tickets to gain profits. The 5k inflatable obstacles are custom made by either specialized inflatable manufacturer or 5k company themselves.

As runners run through those obstacles, the inflatable equipment easily get dirty. So you can guess one of the biggest challenge of operating an inflatable 5k event company is to clean the inflatables.

Bounce House Repair Business

Compare to all the above inflatable businesses, bounce house repair company only needs to deal with mending inflatables.

Most of bounce house rental companies may be short of employees and busy all the week, and when their bounce houses and water slides get tore up, they don’t have the time to buy materials and fix the problems. This is how inflatable repair companies come into play.

The pricing of bounce house repairing depends on what part of inflatable needs to be repaired. The window, the material or just the thread. The most important question is can it be lucrative to operate a repair service company. Well, it may not be too much. Why? There are 2 reasons. One is bounce house rental company may hire someone to clean and repair their inflatable jumper and slide. The other reason is sometimes it is more cost-effective to get new ones than spending several hundred bucks to restore old ones.

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