Bounce House Business Forum

If you are new to bounce house rental business or thinking start one, you want to find a place where you can communicate with others who have already been in the party rental filed for a while.

There are not so much forums or communities you can get participate, but some are better than nothing.


Moonwalk forum is the only forum about bounce house businesses on the internet as far as I know. The chats there today are much less than the first few years since it established, but still you would find great information and resources. And some guys include admins and manufacturers still there ready to answer your questions.

Facebook Groups

Where do people go? Most people just like to hang in the Facebook groups. So you will have much more luck to find your peers there.

Two most popular groups:

  • EPA (Event Professionals Alliance)
  • Got bounce

I don’t know why most people prefer social medias over forums, but for me, I like stay in forum (I am young and very familiar with technologies).

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