What Inflatable Devices Should Be Licensed

If you are an owner or an operator of inflatable amusement devices, you know the fact that a license should be acquired before any actual use. But do all inflatables apply for the law of licensing, what kinds of inflatable amusement products should be licensed and what can be excluded.

First of all, what is an inflatable amusement device? The device, or also called inflatable, is supported and inflated by air or other gas, the purpose is for kids and adults to play and interact with it.

Licensed inflatables are the devices that would move patrons or cause them to move via bouncing, sliding, cording, mechanics (e.g. rotating, waggling, etc.), obstacles and so on.

Examples of inflatables that should be licensed include inflatable slide, inflatable castle, inflatable obstacle course, bungee run, inflatable boxing rings, inflatable climbing wall with bouncy flooring and so on.

Inflatables that can be excluded are those products that does not intent to design for interacting that would cause patrons be moved.

Examples of inflatables of exemption include inflatable wrecking ball arena, sole inflatable climbing wall, inflatable basketball or football game, inflatable football pitch with a ground flooring, inflatable joust arena, inflatable twister and so on.

If you want to learn more about licenses of inflatables, check the pdf file from TSSA.

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