8 Water Inflatables Help You Enjoy Summer

Summer is coming, soon you will be wearing shorts and complain how hot this summer is. But don’t forget, summer is the perfect time for water playing activities like swimming, water slides and going to beach.

Here, I will introduce 8 water inflatable toys that will make your summer time more fun and memorable.

Inflatable Water Slides

Go call your local inflatable rental company and book an giant inflatable water slide for your family, especially kids. Set the slide up in your backyard, connect to water hose, then start enjoy every moment of water fun.

Inflatable Slip N Slide

If inflatable water slide is too big for your yard, try inflatable slip and slide. Let water go through the surface of slip n slide, smear some soap to your body, then run and throw yourself on the slide, slip into a splash pool at the end. This is the most fun water game for both adults and kids at summer water party.

Inflatable Water Combo

Inflatable water combo is bouncy house with water slide. If an inflatable water slide is too large for your yard, then a small water combo might fit well.

Inflatable Banana Boat

Ready to go for a spin on water? Inflatable banana boat can do the trick. Those banana boats can be towed by other boats with motor. Remember to wear a life jacket in case of you being two exciting on the ride.

Inflatable Flying Fish Tube

Just like banana boat, inflatable flying fish is also towable, but this time, not on the water, but in the sky. The tube will fly into sky when boat tows the tube reach to a certain speed. Don’t be scary, it’s huge fun. OK, maybe not suitable for people who has acrophobia.

Inflatable Pool

An inflatable pool is must have when you have more players or you just want sit in the water and have a good leisure time.

Water walking ball

Playing with water, but not actually touching the water. Yes, this kind of water games exist.

Inflatable water walking ball allow a person to get inside the bubble, and then roll on the water. It’s like you walk on the water, without getting wet.

Inflatable Water Park

Now here comes the big stuff. Large inflatable water park will surly mark your summer vacation a successful experience. Put on your swimming suit, let the water park begins.

Floating water park is an all-in-one place for water lovers to fully enjoy activities on water. You can do running, jumping, sliding, climbing and even falling on the surface of water. Once you get on this water playground, you would totally forget what the hot temperate is.

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