Water Games to Play on a Birthday Party

Have you ever thrown a water themed party for your birthday? If not yet, then I suggest you start thinking about having one. Those kids who born in summer are so lucky that they have plenty water games to play on their birthday party. Water games are not only fun but also safe for little kids, and they will have a cool time to mitigate the hot temperature in summer. Those water games make kids exercise and are favorable for their health, some games required team work even teach them how to pleasantly co-operate with others.

Here are some fun water games, some are traditional, some are creative. You can even make your own ideas.

1, Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable water slides are smaller than ones in amusement parks, so that it’s able to place in your backyard. Pump the slide via blowers and connect to garden tap through hose, then you and your friends start to enjoy the slippery sliding funs.

2, Water Volleyball

If you own a big swimming pool, separate it with a net and turn it into a water volleyball court. Team up and compete, winner team will share a trophy (usually food).

3, Water Balloon Fight

Ah, the ultimate fun water game ever, it’s the must-have game in every single party. The classical play is divide participants into two teams, for example boys team and girls team, each team choose a position and then toss the water balloons with each other. Or simply make it a dodge ball games, everyone is your enemies. But surely you can innovate the game to other playing forms, like you can’t toss balloons directly but throw them like mangonel.

4, Slip ‘N Sliding

The easiest set up game, what you need is a waterproof tarp sheet and a hose. To add more fun, get a inflatable basketball hoop at the end and make it a water balloon dunk game, or just append a water pool.

There are more water games, so to be continued.

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