Team Building Activities with Inflatables

If you picture inflatables as only toys such like bounce houses and inflatable slides, then you need to think again. When it comes to team building and corporate event activities, there are a fair amount of inflatables can be played by a group of people at the same time together.

Human Hungry Hippos

Hungry hippo chow down bungee game allows 4 players to compete with each other and see how many balls you can collect till no balls left. This game can be also converted to team contest and the team who gathers the most of balls wins.

Hamster Track Race Game

It is kind of like three legged race, but instead of tying up legs, team members need to work their feet together and move the hamster track.

Human Foosball

All the mounted figures now are all alive! Yes, they are your colleagues and teammates, you are playing life size table football together.

Giant Whack a Mole

Inflatable whack a mole is the most stress relieving game, because you get to strike your coworkers with an inflatable mallet. OK, I am just kidding, or am I?

Giant Blow up Bowling Game

Bowling center sounds boring, why not go bowling with human size inflatable bowling pin game? Knocking down giant air blown bowling pins with giant balls is what we call Friday night.

Inflatable Racing Props

100m race is exhausted, but if you add some fun with inflatable racing props, I bet everyone will be sign up. Some examples include tortoise hare inflatable race, inflatable tube, sack bag race, etc.

There are many more inflatable games for improving cooperation and meanwhile having fun for all your employees. You’ll just need to get creative.

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