Restaurant Marketing With Inflatables

For restaurant owners, do you know you can promote your local restaurant business with inflatables?

There are dozen of different types of restaurants. Although some eateries are suitable with certain type of inflatables, some may better exploit other ones. Let’s find out.

General Restaurants

For most restaurants, the most known and effective way to promote a new menu or sale is via inflatable air dancers. You see, the perpetuate moving tube man certainly has a great chance at attracting pedestrians’ attentions.

Sky dancers may not be worthy to fancy restaurants, but they do quite fit for smaller eating establishments, such as diner, fast casual, food truck, et cetera.

The typical air dancer for a restaurant is a chef theme air dancer.

Kid-friendly Restaurants

A kid friendly restaurant means it provides a spacious playing room for kids. You have a world of toys to choose, however, an inflatable jumper easily wins every kid’s heart.

A bounce house do require a bit of space and some cautions to operate. Despite that, you will goose up your customer ratings and retentions.

As regard to the appearance of your indoor bouncy house, food related theme would be more appropriate. You will never go wrong with ice cream, candy, or cake.

BBQ and Grill Restaurants

As a meat serving restaurant, what you want to impress outside meat eaters most is maybe a giant inflatable pig. Besides that, I believe any giant inflatable animal decoration would do the work, such as cattle, sheep and deer.

Cowboy Saloon and Country Bar

Can’t imagine a cowboy bar doesn’t own a mechanical bull ride. The beer, the country music and the bull riding are what make a west ambience. Obviously, inflatable bull provides a much more safe and clean platform for bull riders.

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