Let’s Get Primitive

Are your kids fond of caveman and dinosaur, basically prehistory stuff? If so, then throwing a primitive themed birthday party with primitive bounce houses seems like the best choice for their special day.

Don’t be so pedantic when delineating primordial creatures and human lives in our modern way. For kids, it is already good enough to learn that dinosaurs or mammals are ancient giants. So when you are planning a primitive theme party, it’s OK to throw anything primal into the party.

Dinosaur Bounce House

You just cannot overlook those monster before time. Not to mention, kids love dinosaurs. Nothing would go wrong with renting or buying a Jurassic bounce house for your kids birthday party.

Jurassic Playground

With inflatable Jurassic playground, it’s like you are time-travelling back to the age of wild past. Particular examples such as dinosaur inflatable maze and Jurassic inflatable obstacle course.

Dinosaur Inflatable Costume

Do you know what is on the trend list these days? Wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume. Put it on and then walk, run and jump like a happy dinosaur.

Caveman Bounce House

Would you agree that a caveman wearing animal skin clothing and holding a big bone is somehow cool? Do you wish to live a place where cave dwellers live? Get your feet on our caveman bounce houses.

Caveman Axe Throw Game

The most exciting part of a primitive theme kid party is to play hunting game. But of course, no need to hurt any prays, we have caveman theme inflatable axe throwing game for kids.

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