Kid’s Summer Break Activities

Summer break is a very long period of vacation for kids. Let’s fill every day with fun from doing all kinds of interesting stuff. Below is a large list of things to do during summer vacation.

  1. Rent an inflatable water slide with pool in your backyard.
  2. Rent a bounce house or a bouncer with slide.
  3. Enjoy blast with slip and slide.
  4. Spend a day in an amusement park.
  5. Visit a local museum, science or art, and learn some new things.
  6. Have a picnic day together with all family members in some park.
  7. Go for a hiking in the wild and breathe some fresh air.
  8. Visit a strawberry picking farm and binge on those fresh red sweet fruits.
  9. Go out and take pictures of different plants and animals.
  10. Have a bike ride to somewhere you haven’t been to, plan the route in advance.
  11. Reserve some tickets to an indoor go kart racing.
  12. Sign up for an obstacle race event for kids, such as Spartan kids.
  13. Ask your parents to take you to try new foreign foods.
  14. Learn a new instrument, especially if you never play one before.
  15. Become a chief at your home, learn to cook some easy recipes, such as scrambled eggs.
  16. Homemake some icy sweet dessert to cool the heat, such as ice cream and popsicles.
  17. Prepare for new semester courses, always wise to start early.
  18. Tend to your home garden, try to plant some flowers or vegetables all by yourself.
  19. Throw a small party with only your friends, don’t forget to invite them.
  20. Finish a video game thoroughly.
  21. Untangle a large jigsaw puzzle.
  22. Draw a picture of your favorite cartoon character.
  23. Tidy up your own room.
  24. Build something. Anything is ok, such as woodcraft, science project, etc.
  25. Try to live off-the-gird for one day, aka no smartphone and computer.

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