Inflatable Carnival Game Ideas

A carnival, a recreational fair or a midway is a great area both for booth owners and kids especially. The booth owners take this chance to earn money as much as possible with every kinds of fun carnival games. The kids come with their friends and parents enjoy every moment they play there.

Coming out a good idea on carnival games can be a troublesome thing, and not to mention the preparation for your game. Luckily, with a set of inflatable product for game playing, booth vendors only need to do very few preparatory works, and voila , the game stand sets itself up.

So how many carnival games are played on inflatables? Here I will give some examples.

Basketball shooting Inflatable Game

Basketball shooting is a game of skill, shooters stand meters away from the inflatable basketball hoops and try to score as many as possible.

Hook The Duck

It is a ball catching game, the balls are blew up to be aerial by air from the inflatable ball pool. Using a net to catch the particular colored ball.

Inflatable Maze

There is a small kind of maze, it won’t occupy too much space. You can set up a price who the kids who find a way out in a certain minutes.

Ring Toss

Inflatable ring toss bar types include inflatable pencils and horizontal inflatable bull horns.

Wrecking Ball

A group game played by at most four players together, every one is enemy. Pushing the inflatable ball in the middle to knock off other players from where they stand.

Tic Tac Toe

Inflatable tic tac toe make the game more challenge and complicated, it’s now not just a game of intelligence, but also a game of chance. Players should toss Velcro balls on the right spot on the inflatable game board to actually make a move. Variations of this inflatable game include basketball tic tac toe and water pool tic tac toe.

Inflatable Dart Game

Throwing Velcro darts to inflatable dartboard is definitely much more safe for kids in a crowded environment like carnivals and festivals.

Inflatable Wakka Wall

Or you can call it inflatable reaction wall. It’s a game for two players, one try to press inflatable blocks at one side, and the other player have to quickly response to the pop up blocks and push them back. The game ends when any player who is tired and gives up. This game probably will be popular at parties and game competitions.

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