How to Play Inflatable Hot Potato Game

The original hot potato game is played by children forming a circle together and pass an object one by one, mostly a ball, which is called hot potato. When the music is over or a stop signal is raised, whoever holds the hot potato been wiped out. Then the game continue until only one player remains. However, inflatable hot potato game is totally different from the origin of the game.

Inflatable hot potato game, or you may called it floating ball game, is a game that players should use the air tubes to transfer the balls from one side to the other side’s basket or hoop. It’s like a game you play in party that blow ping pong from one cup to another. But this one, instead of water, it’s the blowing air lifting up the balls. Obviously, this game is better to be played under windless circumstances.

See how it actually looks like and how to play with this video:

This inflatable hot potato game can be applied for your indoor parties, minute to win it list, carnival events, fun competitions, family bonding activities and so on.

To be noticed, this is an inflatable goods, so you will need a blower to pump it up all the time while be played. Normally, it should be inflated in just several minutes.

So anyhow, where can you buy or rent one of those? You can totally buy one inflatable hot potato game toy from Channal with confidence. As for rental, consult local inflatable rental companies that near you.

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