How to Celebrate Pirate Day

You know there is a holiday called International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which occurs on September 19 every year. The only observance of this holiday is to talk like a pirate, literally just as the name suggests.

For the fans of buccaneering out there, it sounds fantastic. Obviously for them, they get a chance to public show off their things. But why stop here, why not create a pirate day all together, instead of just speaking pirate slangs.

When I say pirate day, I mean a fun day of being a pseudo pirate. Of course, nowadays you cannot sail a pirate ship and try to ransack coastal villages.

So let’s create a pirate day and let’s celebrate this glorious pirate day. Now, how can you rejoice in this pirate holiday?

Pirate Party

For starters, let’s throw a kick ass pirate theme party. You don’t celebrate a pirate holiday without hosting a pirate party.

There are many activities to do on the party. First of all, let’s eat and drink pirate food. Due to their lengthy time on the open sea, the most common food a pirate consumes would be something won’t go spoiled easily. So, you would anticipate beans, dry meat, pickled vegetables and cans on a pirate theme party.

For pirate kids, you can entertain them straightforwardly with a pirate theme bounce house. Meanwhile, a pirate water slide, or a pirate inflatable playground should be adequate too.

Pirate Talks

Needless to say, we should still talk like a pirate. Say hello to your families and friends, wait, no, you should instead say ahoy. Talking like a pirate, how cool is that.

Pirate Costumes

Even if you sound like a pirate with all those fancy pirate lingoes, you are still not looking like a pirate without the pirate costumes. A qualified pirate attire often contains a pirate eye patch, pirate weapon and pirate hat.

Pirate Games

Since we are ready for everything, the rest is to lay a course to pirate games.

One can argue that the most relevant game to play on pirate days would be treasure hunt. Make sense, it resembles pirates trying to find treasures worldwide. You can make it a whole city range scavenge or just in your backyard and house.

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