Fundraising Game Ideas

So, you are planning a fundraising event. Whatever how you gonna raise the money, by whether selling tickets or donations, you’ll need tempting fundraising games.

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Obstacle course competition appeals thrilling to kids. Hiring an inflatable obstacle course would be a more convenient and effortless choice for fundraiser. Challengers will expect to confront with many fun obstacles, such as climbing wall, slide, hole, et cetera.

Inflatable Slide

Need something to keep kids lively, then inflatable slide is your can’t miss game. The sizzle of sliding down by gravity is intrinsic in our feeling. Inflatable slides promise a bunch of kids having great time all together. You’ll be more successful to attract their attentions, if you have a giant inflatable slide with a nice theme.

Inflatable Cash Cube

What games could be more appropriate than inflatable cash cube for fundraising. Literally, how much money you gather from one guest depends on the value of prop money grabbed by that person. To make this game more interesting, you can send out awards or gifts to attendants. The higher value they catch, the more expensive gifts they get.

Dunk Tank

Renting a dunk tank for profit should be a cakewalk. If you have enough budget, hire a clown or a well known people to be the target and gain more money. Giving out some snacks, such as cookies and fruits, to those who miss the target would be a good idea to soothe them.

Human Bowling

Let’s upgrade the traditional bowling experience to a more exhilarating competition, which is human bowling. Contrast to hand hold bowling balls, in this case, we humans become the bowling balls via human sized hamster balls.

Human bowling inflatable generally consists of zorb balls and giant blow up bowling pins. In order to roll the ball, you’ll need a grassland with slope.

Concession Stands

Last but not the least way to acquire more earnings is to set up multiple concession stands. I know it is not a game per se, but it is very important to have. You can even try combining other games with concession food as rewards for winners or donors. Remember, food is the unassailable weapon to stick patrons in your events.

Some great snacks for fundraisers include ice cream, snow cone, hot dog, corn dog, cotton candy, et cetera. There are inflatable food booths to buy or rent, those are easy to install and put away.

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