CoronaVirus: Is It a Good Time to Rent Bounce Houses

As you might know, there is a pandemic going on in the whole world, called COVID-19. Most parents have concerns about whether it is safe to rent bounce house now for their kids’ birthday parties.

The answer simply is it depends on how many people in your party.

If you are going to invite guests to your party, you’d better not to do that. Now it is important to keep social distance from each others.

You can still throw a birthday party for your kids and rent a bounce house or two, but the best way to do it is just celebrating it with only your own family.

Before you let your kids jump on the rented bounce house, you need to sanitize it first. There might be coronavirus on it (scientists have found out the virus can survive on surface for days), and tell your kids not to touch their face with their hands in any circumstances. If you have face masks, put it on your kids. After the playing and before eat some cakes, tell them to wash their hands. And always to keep an eye on your kids in the whole time.

If you still hold suspicion, that’s OK, you can totally plan a birthday party without any outside rental stuff, and your kids still will have a huge fun day.

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