Company Picnic Inflatable Game Ideas

Don’t leave out inflatable games when plan your next company picnic. Inflatables are amazing outdoor games which both your colleagues and their kids can enjoy. Rest assured, you have many inflatable game options to choose for your corporate events and team building activities.

All the inflatables below, either you buy them from inflatable manufacturers or rent them from party rental businesses.

Bounce House

The classic. Inflatable bounce house is always the go-to outdoor game for kids. If your company picnic is going to be a family fun day, then this is your answer. Even adults can jump on inflatable moonwalks, just not too many at once.

Inflatable Water Slide

large inflatable water slide

Every time I got asked what the best summer inflatable is, a giant inflatable water slide pops up in my mind without fail. You have to admit it, inflatable water slide is the ultimate product that combines water and slide. If your company picnic theme is beach or under the sea, then bingo, it is your game.

Inflatable Obstacle Course

army inflatable obstacle course

Let your coworkers and their children pump up a bit with some inflatable obstacle race games. Ready, set, go! All obstacle conquerors must face various inflated challenges, such as holes, swings, heights and slides.

Inflatable Target Games

It’s always satisfied to hit a bullseye. Inflatable target games are easy to be carried out and set up outdoor. You are able to play shooting, throwing and even kicking with inflatable target boards. Can I introduce you with inflatable axe throwing, soccer dart, or inflatable baseball game?

Inflatable Contest Games

inflatable hungry hippo bungee game

People are competitive animals, they will fight for anything like honor, self-esteem and reward. No doubt inflatable contest games will fire up everyone’s excitement. Most popular inflatable competition games include inflatable bungee run, interactive play system inflatable, inflatable jousting, etc.

Inflatable Team Games

inflatable human table football

I think everybody would agree all the members of your company form a team. Hence, don’t you need any more reasons to participate in inflatable team games? There are many team sports you can try with inflatables. Maybe your workmates don’t want to run too much, then kicking soccer balls in an inflatable foosball arena meet the needs. Or playing paintball in a mobile inflatable paintball arena.

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