Church Events For Kids

If your church community has a fair number of children and youths, let there be various events for them. How often a church carries out events for young generations is extremely important to help them stay and even attract more outreaches.

Church Carnival

Invite all of adult members of your church to open up a booth in the church carnival. They can sell any interesting things, such as ice creams, toys and carnival games. It will be a wonderful activity for both adults and kids.

Water Slide Party

When the sun shines in summer, it is time for unlimited water blast. The main part of your church’s job is to set up an inflatable water slide with pool. Meantime prepare some healthy snacks and sugar free drinks, and leave the rest to the god.

Sports Game

Organize all the kids and start a sports game. It can be basketball, soccer, golf, baseball or anything. It doesn’t have to be seriously competitive, fun is just enough. And of course winner gets a prize. For your information, go apply inflatable sports games if it is more convenient.


It’s always fun to go outside and have a little field trip with a bunch of people. Popular destinations include mountain climbing, fishing, beach, zoo, museum and so on.

Picnic Day

Sometimes just a picnic in a local park brings together your church members more closely. You’ll need to prepare a lot of delicious picnic food, such as sandwich, salad, fruit, deviled egg, cookie, bread and dip. Also let every household contribute a dish, make it a potluck. Besides eating, get some outdoor games ready, such as religious bounce house, twister, chess, etc.

Church Community Garden

Do you have a garden in your church? If not, you have been missing the whole world. Keep a land for children to cultivate their own favorite plants like flowers or vegetables. Tending garden together really helps to bond your community.

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