How to Celebrate Ice Cream Day for Kids

National ice cream day is coming! It’s on the third Sunday of July. It became a national holiday because of President Ronald Reagan who made a proclamation in 1984.

Here are some ideas for celebrating this year’s ice cream holiday for your kids.

Savoring Some Ice Creams

Obviously, enjoying a delectable ice cream is the first thing to do on the ice cream day. You may even forget about your goal of weight loss for a day if you are on a diet.

Bring your kids outside and take a city tour to find your favorite delicious ice creams. Or even better, find the ice cream you haven’t tried yet. However, take easy on those frozen foods, so not to get brain freeze.

Making Ice Cream at Home

How about making some ice creams with your kids at home? It will be a fun thing to do and a good chance to build more bonding with your kids. If you concern about kids eating too much sugar, homemade sugar-free ice cream is the way to go.

Throwing an Ice Cream Party

Ice cream plus party, that’s unstoppable. All you need for a successful ice cream party is to preorder an ice cream cake, play ice cream truck music and book an ice cream theme bounce house.

Visiting an Ice Cream Truck

Your kids probably know well about ordering a vanilla or chocolate ice cream from the conspicuous ice cream truck. But they may wonder what is inside the van. So if you can arrange an ice cream truck tour for your kids, they’ll love it.

It’s Painting Time

Let’s draw some ice creams on papers. There are many youtube videos about how to draw a cute ice cream. Moreover, why not render some ice cream face painting? With that, your kids definitely will have an unforgettable fun day with you.

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