BS EN 14960

BS EN 14960 is a EU standard about safety requirements of inflatables for both manufacturers and operators. EN14960 stipulates elaborate requirements on every part of an inflatable, especially bouncy castle and full-closed inflatable structure.

For manufacturers, when manufacturing an inflatable product, should obey that:

  • When it’s an inflatable castle or bounce house, the structure should be enclosed with 3 walled sides and only left with an open side. The height of the inflatable wall should be at least 1.8 meters to make sure that attendants would not accidentally jump over the walls.
  • The entrance (open side) of a bouncy castle should not higher than 630 mm from the ground and a cushion crash mat should be there in case of players falling off.
  • The inflatable itself can not have sharp parts, and all the joints must be sewed and knitting well which would not cause trips.
  • Thorough anchorage system. When operating, make sure every time an inflatable is firmly fixated on ground by ground stakes.
  • The ideal position of blower, inlet and outlet is somewhere that attendants have less chances to touch them. For example, at the back, opposite to open side.
  • Always use heavy duty, flame resistance, water proof, lead free material to produce those products, such as flexible PVC.

When selling, here are the information that manufacturers should give to customers.

  • Installation manual and operations manual
  • Maximum number of players. This data should be clearly printed both on operations manual and inflatable device.
  • How many size, include length, width and height, is needed for operation in a safe extent.
  • Package size and gross weight.
  • Maximum wind speed to operate safely.
  • Mains electricity of the blower to use in customer’s country.

Read more details on National Association of Inflatable Hirers (pdf file)and EN14960 EU inflatable regulations (pdf file).

Channal Inflatables’s original design inflatable devices follow all the regulations of EN 14960.

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