Bounce House or Trampoline

Moms, do you in a dilemma between buying a bounce house or trampoline for your kids?

I am here to help you decide which one is better for your situation. By considering and comparing different aspects of both ones, you may get your answer.

Let the compare begins, bounce house vs trampoline.

Bounce House

First, we should know, the bounce house we talk about here is residential bounce house, aka bounce house for home use.

Pros of bounce houses:

  • A bit safe
  • Allow more kids jump together
  • Put away easily
  • Indoor
  • Endless styles and colors
  • Fit more occasions

Cons of bounce house:

  • Putting away is a pain
  • Clean is a problem
  • Easily torn
  • Electricity needed and warned
  • May not fit for older kids


It’s the traditional trampoline we discuss here.

Pros of trampolines:

  • Once set it up, it’s there for use
  • No need to worry bad weather
  • Clean is easy
  • For kids and adults

Cons of trampolines:

  • More injuries than bouncy house
  • Outdoor only
  • Space taken
  • One player at a time
  • No theme or decoration

So those are some basic facts about bounce houses and trampolines. You may already make up your mind. But there are some more information need to lay on the table.

Which is More Safe?

Are bounce houses safer than trampolines? According to a report from AAP in 2012, it seems kids’ injuries caused by trampolines are more than bounce houses. Again, we’re talking about traditional backyard trampoline.

Why trampolines are more dangerous, let me explain.

The reason is mainly the structure of traditional trampolines. Those steel frame trampolines use coiled springs to fixate the bounce mat, surrounding with safety nets or not. This structure causes many potential harms to kids and adults who jump on it.

For example, step into holes between springs, fall off edge, hit by poles. And if the safety rule of one at a time is ignored, riders may bump against each other.

However, springfree trampolines come into play in the market. This new form jumping bed claims to be more safe than old ones by solving all the problems mentioned above. Such as no springs so no holes, strong and flexible enclosure nets, safety poles can move, etc.

Currently I am lack of statistics data on springfree trampoline about injuries of children, I will keep looking. If it was me, I would prefer spring free than padding covers springs.


Did you know what to buy for your younger and older kids now? I know it is still a tough decision. As long as you have enough budget, I suggest buy them all. Kids will have all the experiences and fun on both bouncing toys, that’s for sure.

And as for bounce houses, they may show a less injury rate than trampoline, but it would be a hazard if parents being careless. Make sure all safety rules and methods are applied before and during kids play, such as avoiding windy weather, fixing with sandbags and ground pegs.

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