Soccer Party Game Ideas For Kids

Now that the world cup 2022 is approaching, to celebrate it for kids, why not throw a soccer themed party in your house? Invite all the soccer fans you know to the party, you might even get to form a soccer team.

Anyone would tell that the most important department of a party is the games. As a host, you should preplan some soccer themed games and activities for the guests. Lucky for you, here are some good soccer game ideas.

Soccer Bowling

Instead of a goal, let’s kick the balls to some bowling pins. If you don’t have tenpins ready, use plastic bottles or cans rather.

Foot Dart

Are you good at shooting darts? No, I don’t mean throwing, but booting. To strike the target precisely in foot dart, it really tests your skill of feet. You can purchase or rent an inflatable soccer dartboard for this game.

Headstall Game

It is fun and meanwhile hard to balance a ball on your head and walk to a destination. So you must play this headstall game in your party.

Soccer Juggling

No surprise. We are going to foot-juggle a ball among all the competitors. The aim is to keep the ball in the air and whoever fails to do that got eliminated. So the last one with the ball wins the game.

Soccer Table Tennis

You will probably need a ping pong table or a teqball table, but any long table will do. You are allowed to use your feet, head and even hands to hit the balls. It smells totally like table tennis, just play with larger and heavier balls.

Bubble Ball Soccer

If you think soccer is not wild enough, then you definitely belong to the world of bubble ball soccer. Only adding a suit of bouncy bubble yet doubles the fun. Compared to regular soccer, you will find yourself constantly rolling on the ground and trying to stand up again and again.

Human Foosball

Obtain an inflatable foosball game in your backyard, then your kids get to play human foosball game. This is perfect for those don’t have enough space for kids to run freely.

Inflatable Soccer Game

Suppose that you don’t have a lifesize soccer field in your yard, can you still play soccers? The answer is yes. Luckily, we have inflatable soccer pitches and inflatable soccer goals.

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