Can Toddlers Slide

Every parent has this question: can their toddlers slide?

Why they ask this question, of course it’s because they concern the safety of their children, meanwhile they try to make more bonding with their children through the slide.

First of all, let’s see what age range toddlers belong. It varies slightly from many people’s views, but it is still somewhere between 1 to 3.

At this age, toddlers just start learning how to walk or are already able to walk and run but not so steadily. They have no ideas about any danger to their bodies and not to mention how to avoid them.

So it sounds dangerous if let a toddler slide alone or even with their parents, and that’s somehow true, because accidents happen to a small quantity of patents and their little boys and girls.

Then should we ban this parents slide with toddlers at all or is there anything we can do?

For parents sliding with their kids together, the best slide they play must be wide and short, so that toddlers’ feet would not hit against the edges by accident and reduce the possibility of being hurt. Before sliding, parents should hold tight toddlers’ arms and keep toddlers’ feet on parents’ lap, better be cross-legged.

What about they slide on their own? Well, you definitely do not want to do that on normal slides in parks and playgrounds. However, there is a substitution, which is inflatable slide for toddlers. This kinds of slides is short and wide enough for toddlers to slide and for parents to stand very next to them. See the picture below.

purple elephant inflatable slide

What’s your opinions, let me know, and see what others say about this question:

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