Backyard Party Inflatable Game Ideas

Surprisingly, there are many inflatable games which are suitable for any backyard parties. Both adults and kids can enjoy those blow up games. Let’s see what they are.

Inflatable Movie Screen

Having a movie night occasionally at your yard sounds fun. Invite your friends, serve them with popcorn and drinks, then enjoy the movie.

Outdoor inflatable movie screen with projector can make your life easier. It only takes several minutes to blow the inflatable screen up. After watching movies, deflation and storing away also don’t make much troubles.

Disco Dome

Dance party without dances is like birthday with cakes. And to be sure that your party will become a legendary story, you must get a disco bounce house in your backyard. And if your party is at night time, to make things better, you should also hire an inflatable photo booth.

Inflatable Mechanical Bull

No game beats inflatable mechanical bull when you have a backyard barbecue party. While relishing the delectable meats, such as beef or pork, try to make things more spicy by hopping in an inflatable bull riding.

That is going to be more patriotic for Fourth of July party. We even have American flag theme inflatable rodeo full.

Inflatable Twister

Twister is the most classical party game. An inflatable twister provides a soft and bouncy floor for outdoor twister game. There is even a bounce house coming with twister board.

Padded Sumo Suits

How about engaging an exciting wrestling game with inflatable sumo suits. Inflatable sumo wrestlers definitely look funny whenever they try to move, strike, or roll over on the ground.

Inflatable Jousting

Gladiator Inflatable jousting game would make a perfect show in medieval theme backyard party. To claim your honor and glory, fight your opponent with strength, wit, and most importantly, inflatable jousting sticks.

Inflatable Axe Game

In the event that you are going to throw a Viking theme party, an inflatable axe throwing game is a must have. If you are afraid of sharp objects, don’t worry, the weapon you will wield are sticky inflatable axes.

Inflatable Darts

Axe is not the only choice when it comes to throw stuff. A large outdoor inflatable velcro dart board is also a guarantee to entertain your guests. Have fun hitting the target every time.

Meltdown Inflatable

Dodge or wipeout, that is the question. Do your best to avoid hitting by the rotating inflatable arms, through jumping or squatting. Whoever stands last, wins the game.

Inflatable meltdown is utterly fun as a group game. Best for family party or cooperative icebreaker activity.

Inflatable Sports Games

If your kid is a little sports fan, then hiring some sports inflatables seems legit. The most popular options include inflatable basketball game, inflatable football game, inflatable soccer game and many more.

For example, inflatable connect 4 basketball is an interesting 2 person game. It is like a basketball chess game board, you move your piece via shooting a basketball into one of the hoops. You checkmate your adversary by lining, or in this case, connecting 4 basketball in same color together.

Inflatable Combo

If you can get an inflatable combo bounce and slide, why bother with just a simple bounce house? An inflatable combo merges inflatable bouncer and inflatable slide into one unit. The only trade-off is a little extra rental fee. However, it is totally worth it.

Inflatable Water Slide

You will never go wrong with inflatable water slide for kids summer birthday party. Especially if it is going to be a tropical beach theme party. Water slides keep kids fresh and active, great for them to have a good time through roasting weather.

Slip and Slide

And finally, the last but not the least, the inflatable slip and slide. Water slip n slide will never be an outgroup absenting the backyard summer fun time. Both adults and kids can enjoy the simplest water exhilaration in the whole universe.

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