Inflatable Twister

Giant inflatable twister game for sale.

Channal Inflatables is a professional inflatable twister manufacturer in China, we have custom-made large inflatable twister boards and 3D twister games for sale at a cheap price.

Inflatable twister game is played on a life-size inflatable board with four kinds of colored dots (red, yellow, green, blue). The game play is same with the original twister which happens on a plastic mat. Of course an air blown twister mattress is better for touching. A spinner board divided into four sections (left or right hand or foot) will decide players’ next moves.

Blow up twister game is easy to be set up within minutes. Fun for both adults and kids. It is versatile for many occasions and locations, be it party in your house, money raise event, traveling carnival game stall, outdoor lawn, concrete floor, etc.