How to Set Up a Bounce House

So you got yourself and your family a bounce house, whether buy and own one from little tikes or toysrus, or rent one from party rental company. You are curious and desired to know how to set up a bounce house properly, or maybe do it yourself.

Inflating a bounce house and make it function is easy, let me guide you with below setup instructions.

Step 1: Decide Where to Set Up

The spot where you install your bounce house is important because of safety concerns. Inflatable bouncers need to be anchored with stakes in order to keep them stay put, so places like lawns and soil grounds are the top choices.

Maintain a bounce house clean and keep it in good condition is what everybody wants. So before you do anything, get rid of stones and sharp stuffs on the land. Then cover the ground with a tarp large enough to contain all the bounce house, this tarp makes sure dirt and bouncy house are separated.

Step 2: Unfold the Bounce House

All inflatables can be folded and put away, so next time when they are being brought out, you have to unfold them.

Step 3: Power and Blower

A bounce house is pumped up by blowers with air being blown into the interior of the structure. A blower needs electricity to run, connect the blower to power supply with cords, if your set up location is in park or anywhere lacks of powers, a generator is good to go.

Step 4: Inlets and Outlets

Connect the blowers to inlets, buckle the connection a bit tight to make sure the air pumped out by blower do not leak. Then close all the outlets, there will still be air come out from those outlets, that’s the way it is. A bounce house needs to be consistently blown up by fans, there are airs in and airs out.

Step 5: Inflate the Bounce House

Now it’s about time to fire up the blower and blow up the bouncy toy. You may ask how long does it take to inflate a bounce house, it’s less than you thought, normally 2 minutes or so. You can help untangle the parts piled together and accelerate the inflation speed.

Step 6: Anchor the Bounce House

For the sake of riders’ safety and lives, we got to make sure the whole bouncy castle is fixated on the ground. To do so, we use ground stakes to anchor a bounce house so as to avoid the whole inflatable being flown away by wind. Hold the hammer and nail the stakes tied with D-rings on the bouncer deeply into earth.

Bounce house sandbag is even better, use them to level up security in windy days.

Step 7: Double Check the Procedure

It’s never trivial to recheck what you have done. Because kids could die in the bounce house if something is not taken care. Safety always comes first, and don’t inflate moonwalk in strong wind days.

That’s it, you and your family now can jump in the bouncy house and have fun.

The whole process of setting up a bounce house takes less than 20 minutes. If you rent one for your kids’ parties, the operator from the rental company will do all the things.

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