Inflatable Rental Businesses: How to Survive a Pandemic

All inflatable rental businesses, which most of them are small businesses, are having a hard time to cope due to the worldwide spreading of COVID-19, because right now people should keep social distance and stay at home, that means no outdoor party and other gathering. Bounce house rentals are suffering, it is very essential and crucial to survive current pandemic and prepare to be reborn after this catastrophe.

This sort of crisis will never go away, soon there might be another outbreak in just few years. So it only sounds sane to have an emergency business plan for your inflatable rentals.

So how to survive a pandemic and what actions every bounce house rental company can do to alleviate the pain?

1. Cut Down Some Unnecessary Expenses

The monthly expenditures of a company is almost entirely consist of employees’ salary and rental fee of office. For the former one, although it is always hard, consider furloughing or laying off some nonessential employees. For office and storage unit lease, may be best to use your home instead for a while. And about other expenses, such as marketing & ads and utility bill, try to minimize them as possible as you can.

2. Obtain Government Financial Support

When the people’s life and economy are in grave danger, most of governments would soon establish some stimulating responses to support and benefit small businesses. Check out your state and local government closely and obtain whatever financial support you are qualified for.

3. Indoor Bounce House

Not all inflatables are being hit equally during a pandemic, indoor bounce houses, for example, are still able to be rented out during this time. But you have to be careful, you are responsible to make sure there are no virus exist on your bouncers. So you need to sanitize and disinfect every bouncy house before and after rental.

4. Expand Your Business Categories

A pearl of wisdom says never put all your eggs in one basket, it is also true for party rental business. If your business income solely depends on one source, you’ll get more hardship when epidemic occurs. So take inflatable rental business as example, apart from moonwalks and slides, you can still rent chairs, tables, tents, decorations, indoor games and many other party supplies.

5. Postpone or Cancel New Equipment

If you have already place orders with manufacturers, or you plan to, just postpone the orders or cancel them, even it means you may have to breach the contracts and pay the penalties.

6. Prepare for Resurgence

It is known that after a period of inactivity because of restriction, the economy will be bounced back even higher than previous state. After a period of lack of outdoor and social entertainment, people would try to recoup what they lost. They may hire bounce houses more often than before.

It is always tough to go through a pandemic outbreak, but if you are prepared and act quickly, you will be all right and even unscathed. If you have successful story about dealing with this kind of situation, please share with us in the comment.

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